WHO AM I? …how the hell should i know!!


Oh my goodness, i have what feels like two hundred and fifty million things to do this week… One child is throwing up, the second out of three has finally got the chicken pox’s. But instead of being tired and lethargic, she is eating me out of house and home, while they both share the couch and the remote for Netflix the other one is faking stomach pains so she doesn’t have to go to school.

There is a pile of washing beside me which Troy could use as a defense against the Greeks Trojan Horse .  The dishes would be the back up defense system and i have several tax forms i really should complete if i had any idea how to…but the words “Theres always tomorrow” linger in my head.

I’m also that kinda person who likes to add things to the mix. Yeah, i have time to learn French…goodness knows  ‘theres an app for that!’  I have recently set myself the goal of learning everything i physically can on several software programs because i refuse to actually pay to go back to tertiary study again.  I signed up to an out-rigging canoe club on Sunday and now i’m contemplating some extreme bike event next summer in the USA which sounds like insanity and vodka rolled into five days. Not to mention several entrepreneurial ideas that crept into my head at 2am Sunday morning.

…its ok, i drink a lot of coffee.

But the one thing that has been hiding in the back of my subconscious, weighing so heavily on my mind, strangely enough is…WHO AM I?!

Its a pretty big question for anyone, but for someone like me, who likes almost EVERYTHING! (Geek girl represent Yo!) it is an almost impossible task to refine down….in fact…i know the list of things i don’t like would be shorter.

And its all got to do with the image above. Logo design. Who is Kate Griffiths? Who is Kate Griffiths Photography? Where does this woman who lusts after vintage household items and camping gear, but just cant decide if living in an apartment would be fun or a lifestyle block would be right for her, because grass isn’t that fun to cut want to be in life?

The integral question is…where does one take themselves when they are re-designing themselves for the world to see?

I’ve been delving deeply into marketing lately and apparently the biggest secret of marketing (…shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!) is marketing what your passion is, and then apparently the rest will follow!

Ok, then…Kate…”What is your passion?”

…Well, how the hell should I know?! I’m the person with the least time and insight to be able to sit down over several coffee’s in a comfortable chair and think about it …like i said, i’ve got three kids and two hundred and fifty million things to do!

Nah, just kidding. Its a difficult one, but one i have started to develop it. And honestly thats ok, developing something over a career of 40 years (hey, lets be honest, ill never put down the camera) is exactly what is expected of me. There ain’t no rush.

And i do know who I am…who I am starting to become.

I do know that i love to see something pure and beautiful come straight out of my camera. The world is so beautiful, people are so beautiful and the extreme fake enhancement of our surroundings and the people who live around us, i feel, is really an insult to who we really should be. And while i know there is a time and a place for it, i really do love it when i see the real in something or someone.

The image above is un 95% un-edited. And i really love that i take images that represent the un-edited perfection we live in. I love New Zealand and I’m proud to represent it in my work. My passion is showing the beauty surrounding us. People and Landscape.

Pure, Organic, Imagery.


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