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Parenting and Business

I thank God that i don’t have any photoshoot’s on today!!

I have one 7 year old in her room, naked and refusing to get any clothes on, yelling ” It’s too cold and cant do it!!”

One 5 year old with a hacking cough, this is her third day off school, but happily placated with the iPad in hand

And one 3 year old refusing to go to Kindergarten as she is just happy to be at home with her sisters while they melt down and are sick

Well, ok then…. *Facepalm*

Now that the girls are older i feel i am now fairly happy with my parenting style…its still feeling blindly about with my

oldest as we both figure out how to parent a head-strong 7 year old who thinks she’s the twenty-eight year old parent.

The other two i can handle with a fair amount of confidence.

However, when you have a business which requires a lot of time investment, it is very hard to have planned

your GST return filing for this fine Friday morning while everyone was at school and kindy for a few hours.

Its actually really hard for me to turn around and say, well perhaps ill get that done next wednesday instead

now that i will have to go into talks with Miss 7 about her responsibilities on weekday mornings

…..she’s still yelling and naked by the way.


I have no answer’s….working at night gets me through my editing.

The house continues to be a bomb site as i prioritize income over tidy toys.

But to get a business off the ground and running a smooth as possible for my clients, it must be done….I do look forward to a few more years down the track things will be a bit less hectic……..

Till then, enjoy a couple of photo’s from a lovely shoot i had on Monday…



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